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Flatiron27's signature style is clean-lined, textural, and organic. Every space that Alexis, Beth, and Jill touch marries practicality and interest, with an undeniably modern feel. 

The team offers an array of client-centered services that are tailored to the needs of each unique client. They are adept at translating each homeowner's personal style into a collected and comfortable home—into a home designed for living.


Alexis Litman, Beth McNellis, and Jill Raskin met through their kids, bonded over a shared love of interior design, and founded Flatiron 27 in 2014. With a home-base in Gramercy Park and a love of the East End, the studio is known for designing sophisticated interiors that are distinctly livable.


Our work is founded in the belief that form and function are both requisite for a well-designed home. We apply that perspective to projects of every size, from furnishings to new builds. The diversity of our portfolio is a testament to our ability to infuse each space we design with elements that resonate deeply with their owners. The spaces we create are characterized by luxurious textures, quality materials, and a minimalistic style, because we believe that the way your home feels is just as significant as how it looks. 

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